Whatsapp Web Interface Security Threat Revealed: How To Protect Your Account?

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Whatsapp being one of the most popular messaging app worldwide has no doubt attracted notorious hackers to exploit it. Recently a severe vulnerability has been identified by Israeli security firm, CheckPoint. This Wednesday the firm discovered a security flaw in the end-to-end encryption that could cause your Whatsapp get hacked. The firm found similar threat to another instant messaging app Telegram.

As we know both the apps are quite popular. While Telegram has more than 100 million monthly active users, Whatsapp has got soaring one billion users worldwide.

This new flaw can enable hackers send a single image through a web browser embedded with malware to take complete access of the recipient’s account. It is easy for the hackers send any message to users with a malicious HTML document and a single “innocent looking photo” attached to it. When a victim clicks on the malicious file by seeing the photo the code gets activated in the user’s browser which could lead to whatsapp conversations hacked. The attacker can easily access victim’s message history, all images. He can even send messages on behalf of him. The attacker can also send same malicious file to all victim’s contacts by using attractive photos. This will raise the chances users will click on it.

Since WhatsApp and Telegram both use an end-to-end encryption that is different from regular emails. Their special encryption is effective to ensure only the sender and recipient of the messages will be able to view the content may be why both platforms could not spot the malware content in desktop version.

Thankfully both the companies have acknowledged the problem and took fast initiative to resolve the security issue.

How To Prevent Whatsapp From Getting Hacked?        

how to protect whatsapp being hackedWhatsapp has made some changes on their web browser version and they have suggested users to restart their browsers as this is easily fixable on Whatsapp server.

It is recommended to clean logged-in computers periodically from WhatsApp account. This will allow users to control the devices that are hosting their account, and prevent unwanted activity.

Stop opening suspicious file attachments and links from unknown users.

In conclusion, those who access whatsapp through mobile or desktop apps, this bug won’t affect them.


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