Google Allo: A Smart Chatting App With Some Cool Features

what is Google AlloA new addition in the world of Google is an instant messaging app, Google Allo. It comes in handy as a user can save time by not typing any message but has to simply reply to messages using automatic suggestions. It falls on the list of many such apps like Duo, Messenger, Voice and Spaces. An artificial intelligent service by Google, Allo helps set reminders, toggle flashlight, ask for directions and also take screenshots with the addition of setting personal reminders via conversational mode. Google Allo also provides an appropriate way to store phone contacts, travel reservations, and calendar appointments. The Search for any specific location or building or address or timings also becomes convenient with the use of Google Assistant through Google Allo.

For users for whom Google Allo is a new concept, let us see what is Google Allo.

Some An instant messaging app, Google Allo is grounded on phone numbers of the users and not any other factor like email accounts or social media.

How Does Google Allo Work?

An interesting feature, the ‘Smart Reply’ function maneuvers Google’s machine learning technology to decipher messages and recommend a response to the last message.  The number of things you can do with Google Allo is vast and it comes in handy to users who are preoccupied most of the time and yet need to be in constant touch with people who mean business to them.

The app doesn’t restrict itself to text messages but also looks over images sent to the user in order to give apt responses for the same. Allo also lets users mark and draw on photos before Allo sends them to the relevant person. Google Allo helps a user express himself or herself using emojis and stickers too. Not restricted in usage,

Google Allo further buoys up Google Assistant which is a conversational virtual assistant that helps a user strike a direct conversation with Google Assistant whereby you can ask questions and get things directly done in the chats. Planning for dinners and fun with friends has been made easier as one can get to know the latest updates in live conversation. Make the best use of this app and get the latest update on everything that you want to know ranging from national news to sports news to business news.

A user using Google Allo needs to be clear with what all can be done using the app and all the pros and cons of it. For instance, on the one hand, a user cannot rake off particulars with another contact in a one-to-one Allo conversation – while on the other, he or she can’t retain information from Allo hidden from the ones who might be ambitious and yearning on coning your itinerary details. Nevertheless, the ability to share required details could be of huge service in unequivocal circumstances. Bringing about a new epoch in its journey, Google has indeed started a revolution in the form of Google Allo where communication has been made much more convenient, faster and accessible.

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