When Is Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Coming?

Surface Pro 5 release

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date:

When it comes to Microsoft’s product launch there is always a rising curiosity seen among consumers. Microsoft is planning its latest 2-in-1 series Surface Pro 5 release by April 2017. This tablet is expected to give a tough competition to Apple’s next iPad.

Since after its Surface Pro 4 release in October, 2015, which became highly popular among the buyers, everyone was thinking whether Microsoft is planning to bring the successor of Pro 4 very soon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs:

Internet is flooded with Microsoft Surface Pro leaked images. By scrutinizing them, it is expected that Microsoft surely wants to upgrade from previous Skylate architecture to Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors. It will ensure improved clock speeds with faster clock speed changes. It will be highly disappointing if Microsoft prefers Skylake over Kaby Lake.

Though it is rumored that Intel is currently developing a new chip architecture named Cannonlake, but it is less likely to be finished before second half of 2017.  So the maximum we can expect that the upcoming Surface Pro will be arriving with Cannonlake on board.

Experts are telling that Surface Pro 5 is going to get different configurations along with varying screen sizes and resolutions. Microsoft will most probably offer USB-C port in Microsoft Surface Pro 5, a long desired feature. Though USB-C has been adopted by many other smartphone and laptop brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, but Microsoft seemed reluctant to add this feature till now. It will be very shocking if Microsoft doesn’t support this trend as buyers are getting the same feature to support more accessories on their devices from other manufacturers already.

surface penOne of the remarkable Surface Pro features is its Surface Pen, as it is a pressure-sensitive stylus that feels just like a pen on paper. It has precision ink in one end of the stylus, and an eraser on the other end. It has a customisable ‘magic button’ so that users can launch Cortana distantly via Bluetooth. It was available with previous Surface Pro 4, and people are expecting the same from its upcoming Surface Pro 5 as well.

Some experts are saying its Surface Pen may come with an enhanced level of pressure sensitivity. While the existing Surface Pen handles 1,024 different levels, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen offers 4,096 different levels of sensitivity. So it is obvious that Microsoft needs to bring some upgrades to its Surface Pen as well.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Battery Life:

How will be Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5’s battery life? This question almost immediately crops up in every consumer’s mind while planning to buy any smart device.  Since there is no update regarding any significant architecture change for the Surface Pro 5, it is clear that battery life will remain quite same. But its 4K display would definitely have some impact on its battery life. Its touch screen will bring some new technology with better accuracy both for fingers as well as Surface Pen.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Price:

There is no update regarding Surface Pro 5 price. But we can expect it will be somewhere between £700 and £1,000.

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