Users Are Facing Burn-in Issue in Samsung Galaxy S8

samsung galaxy s8 burn-in, Galaxy S8 Burn-inSamsung Galaxy S8 Burn-In Problems Popping Up:

Today’s Gen-Y always craves for mobile phones which have an extraordinary appearance, which is reliable, handy and is upgraded with lots of features. So, at whatever point a man needs to purchase another or a new phone, Samsung mobile phones are always there in the list.

This time in 2017 Samsung Company’s came up with yet another model for its enormous number of users known as Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S8 howsoever ravishing appearance it has, but it has come under a fire couple of times since after their prompt release. A portion of the issues, for example, the red tint and connectivity problem could be fixed with the help of software updates. Though others like the random reboots turn out to be more hazardous.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Burn-in Problems:

However, the most problematic of all issues is the dreaded Samsung Galaxy S8 burn-in phenomenon. The Samsung Galaxy S8 users in Korea are actually uploading pictures with burn in problems. According to the Korean Herald’s report, this problem is a perpetual display artifact. It generally takes place when the static images of our phones remain on the display for extended time frame. When this problem arises, an outline of the image can remain burnt on the screen even after it has been turned off. In-fact it can continue after being replaced with a different picture. The Korea Herald has reported that a user has experienced a ghostly image on the Galaxy S8 screen at all time.

Samsung Company uses the AMOLED displays for most of its models and so, the S8 model is no special case. The burn in issue with the OLED screens is due to the luminance that is degrading over time.

However recent reports say that Samsung is attempting to battle back this problem. To do so they are moving the virtual home button icons on display screen in all directions. This will allow some of the pixels to rest for some time as the icons will not stay for too long on the screen. The Galaxy S8 users can also turn on the virtual button so that the button remains moving even when the display is turned off. A Samsung representative in Korea says that Samsung is one step ahead of this issue.

“An algorithm to prevent burn in is already equipped and at the moment we are not receiving reports of other cases,”

said the spokesperson.

It actually depends on how many users have the burn in problem. If the number shoots up significantly then these people have no expedient other than to replace the display screen or to replace the phone itself.

So, for the Samsung customers, nothing is better than to wait and watch and to just expect that the problem can be recuperated soon.

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