Attacking Facebook, Apple Says Privacy Is A Part Of Human Rights

As per recent technology update, Apple is planning to stop Facebook from collecting users’ data and information.

Facebook, Google and other social media tend to track their users online with the “like” and “share” buttons. This week, the Safari-maker assured to provide users ability to stop this matter.

Apple’s objections to the issue

The above-mentioned announcement is Apple’s most vital move against Facebook’s data storing practices. Over the years, Apple’s executives have criticized Facebook’s irresponsibility with user privacy and now it’s been finally worked out.

At Apple’s Annual Developer Conference the Software VP Craig Federighi spoke about Facebook’s “like” and “share” buttons. According to him, these buttons can be misused to track users. So this year they’re shutting that down.

When Safari users open a page through Facebook, they receive a pop-up window. ‘’ asks to allow using cookies and data while browsing that site. Allowing that also allows Facebook to track the user activities.

However, this move of technology update from Facebook got immediate protest from Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos. He questioned back on Twitter if it’s a serious move to protect user privacy, or “just cute virtue signaling”.

Since years, Apple charges a premium for user privacy. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs (2010) stated that Apple had always given importance to privacy issues than other companies in this field.

Jobs used to say that privacy means allowing the users to know what they’re signing up for. He added that people are smart. Some people willingly share more data than others. So it’s better to ask and inform them how you’re using their data every time.

Recently Facebook is again triggered for collecting huge amount of user data. It also fails to protect that from harmful third parties like Cambridge Analytica. So, present Apple CEO Tim Cook again has planned to fix up this issue while doing technology update.

Cook said that privacy issues had gone uncontrolled. Users are unaware of how much they’re being tracked and by whom. Huge amount of detailed data leaks. Privacy is fundamental right of all human.

Apple’s criticism made Facebook vulnerable. According to media reports, Facebook claimed to reduce data sharing on 2015. But they still share data with partner device makers, including Apple.

Opposing this technology update, Apple has used the opportunity to become the best user-friendly tech. It has started new features that’ll encourage users to use phones less.

Federighi said that Apps distract and capture us unknowingly as we try to keep up with the flow.

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