Microsoft Update for Windows 10 : Third party Camera Issues

microsoft windows,microsoft updateMicrosoft’s big Anniversary Update for Windows 10 has been released this month. It has brought a range of new features. Internet was flooded with good reviews regarding their latest browser, Edge, and various other modifications Microsoft made for their latest Microsoft update.

But at the same time Microsoft update is said to be causing issues with millions of third party webcams that are using MJPEG- and H264-encoded streams with Microsoft’s latest Windows Camera Frame Server. Users who have installed Microsoft’s update are experiencing this problem. This anniversary update has left the webcams inoperable in Skype and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), besides all types of custom CCTV programs. Even popular hardware like Logitech’s C920 and C930e cameras have failed to broadcast videos, along with Microsoft’s own Skype.

Microsoft has announced that they have seen few cases of unexpected issues after Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The technical, as well as customer support team, is scrutinizing these individually and offering quick-fix tips when required. Customers having a similar problem can contact their customer support at for necessary guidance.

It is no longer possible to use MJPEG or H264 encoded streams with updated Microsoft Windows Camera Frame Server. This system only allows YUY2 encoding stream as using multiple codecs simultaneously could significantly degrade the overall performance of the operating system. Therefore if someone is trying to use one of the two forbidden codecs for webcams, it will freeze, hang or simply stop working.

Windows Camera Team member Mike M wrote in Microsoft’s Support Forums that, they have worked with partners to make certain that their applications can persistently function throughout this update, though it was not communicated to the users about the latest changes they made for the better performance of the system. Expressing their deep regret for users’ inconvenience he further assured that they are working hard on getting improved documentation out, to help answer any issues people may have.

Companies that hugely depend on webcams for video conferencing or anybody who uses a webcam for podcasting etc. will be in big trouble until Microsoft Windows releases any fix to this. If you are facing the similar problem, here is good news for you. Microsoft has assured that they will be soon finding the fix for the camera issue.  But it will take some time, so users may expect it will arrive by September after being properly tested by Microsoft team.


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