WhatsApp Update: “Pin” Up To 3 Important Conversations

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Whatsapp, the popular mobile messaging application, has been testing numerous new features to make chatting more fun and convenient for users. The Facebook-owned application with more than 1.2 billion monthly active users is one of the most broadly used apps in the world. Due to its unbeatable popularity among the users, sometimes it causes disturbances as the smartphone keeps sending notifications throughout the day. Sometimes most of the chat notifications come from unwanted friends or family groups and the most important messages keep falling out of sight. It makes really difficult to keep up with the important messages. To solve this problem, WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature to pin WhatsApp chat on the top of the chat tabs.

The latest feature is available on WhatsApp Android beta version which enables users to pin up to three chat messages right at the top. So if you are on beta 2.17.162 and 2.17.163 version, you can access the feature.

How to pin a WhatsApp chat at the top?

1. First, open WhatsApp and tap-hold on the chat.

2. In the next step, you will see a pin icon just beside the delete, mute and archive icons which show up at the top. Select the pin option and the chat will shift to the top of the list. You can pin a maximum of three chats at the top.

3. To unpin any specific conversation, press on the chat and hold for some time. You will notice unpin option on top. Select the unpin option to remove it from pinned chat list on the top.

The new feature on WhatsApp is highly useful for people who are always flooded with random chat messages. This must needed feature to pin WhatsApp chat will help them to follow important conversations with a particular contact among the swamp of chat messages.


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