Google Adds Phishing Protection Feature For Gmail on Android

Google is rolling out it’s latest security feature soon after the dangerous phishing attempt affected worldwide Google Docs and Gmail users this week. The email giant confirmed that work is going on at full speed to set up a new phishing protection feature in their Gmail applications running on Android. With this feature ON, the users will be alerted about any link which is suspicious. The attack of the current week was a fake and malicious Google Docs app which was hosted in the own domain of Google.
The addition of this new security protection is a good step taken in the right direction as the phishing attacks are also becoming increasingly sophisticated, becoming successful in fooling the tech-savvy technicians also.

The attack of the current week was an interesting one. First, you will receive an email from one of your known contacts saying that he or she is willing to share a particular document. You will be asked to click and open the document. After opening, you will be taken to a simple looking web page which has been hosted by Google. It will not even ask for your password but will show all your Google accounts that are ready to be clicked.
After this step, you will be asked to give a name to the app like Google docs and as soon as you complete the process, the virus will start spreading to all the contacts which are present in your contact list.
However, Google is making the new protection against phishing based on the Google’s safe browsing technology. Under this protection shield, every user will be warned if he or she is trying to visit a link that is impersonating a website like a bank or a reputed online store and wants to know your username and password.
When the user will click on any such false link, the following message will appear, warning him in the process –
The site you are trying to visit has been identified as a forgery, intended to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information.
After this, it will be mentioned that still if you want to go ahead, you will be doing at your own risk. This new feature will be implemented in the Gmail Android users this week.

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