New Google 360 Degree Camera To Be Arrived By The End of 2017

Google has announced a certification for “Street View Ready” under which it is bringing new 360 degree cameras by the end of 2017. Google also said that all these auto ready cameras will be designed for high accuracy capture. There will be no need of any desktop as you can easily upload photos on the web using the app.

Google also said that there will 20 new cameras which will be offered in the market by companies like GoPro, Sphericam, Samsung, Giroptic and Matterport. With this announcement, Google is hoping that the cameras will encourage photographers to take more part in photo collection programs.

Google is aiming for another success with street view cameras after the earlier introduction of street view car app

Previously, Street View car app by Google got huge success and appreciation from the users. Seeing the success, Google is now aiming to capture images from every corner of the world with their Street view app. Charles Armstrong, product manager at Google said that Google needs people to capture images to update their database. 360 degree cameras will help people to capture images while walking, riding, driving, etc.

Google also announced that all the 20 new cameras will be certified under different certifications which will vary depending upon the brand. In these latest cameras, uploading a photo will merely take a matter of second. Moreover, live footage can also be uploaded to the web using new 360 degree cameras.

Different certifications for the street view ready cameras

Google also explained their plans about the new cameras which are under production and will hit the market by this year. Google said that the certification for the street view will be divided into four different standards. It also mentioned that the upcoming cameras will meet at least one out of these four standards. These standards will provide user flexibility so that a user can upload images according to his choice.

The first street view ready standard will be known as the Mobile ready devices. These devices will allow a user to upload images directly from the app without using a PC. Next, come the auto ready cameras which are specially designed for vehicles. The third one is the VR ready devices and these cameras will allow a user to connect him with 360 degree angle. Last but not the least is the workflow ready cameras. According to Google, these cameras will be equipped with photo publishing software.

Different manufacturer with different certification for the all-new 20 street view ready cameras

Google has distributed the four certifications along with the new 360 degree cameras among different manufacturers. Samsung, GoPro, Panono, iGuide and GoThru will be the manufacturing partner of Google for the cameras with work flow ready standard. 360Fly, KenXen, YI Technology and NCTech Ltd. will manufacture the street view mobile-ready devices. Insta360, Z Cam, Sphericam and NCTech Ltd. will bring the cameras with street view auto ready certification. Matterport, InsideMaps and again NCTech Ltd. got the responsibility of manufacturing the street view VR ready cameras.

It can be said that with the announcement, Google has now expanded its initiative. The first initiative was taken in 2015 with the introduction of street view photos in Android and iOS platform.

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