PlayStation Plus Offer : Enjoy Free Best PS4 Games

PlayStation has now become quite popular among the people all over the world. It is a video game console. Now, for this video game console, PlayStation Plus membership is a unique subscription which is available for all the players. It allows a player to play online multiplayer games and free games on PS4 and he can save those online games. Some of the free best PS4 games 2017 which will be available to the Plus members in May includes; Laser Disco Defenders, Blood Knights, etc.


Coming to the free best PS4 games 2017, Abzu comes in the first place which is initially available only in the North America. It is a game where you can explore the mystery of the underwater world. The game has been developed by Giant Squid. In the game, you will be playing a protagonist who can speak only using sonic pings. While enjoying a marvelous background music you can finish the complete game within a couple of hours. It is assured that you will be completely amazed by the game play as you can actually grab a dolphin’s fin to ride with colorful schools of dazzling fishes.


Immersive with engaging emotional impact.

Appealing art direction and visual quality.

Incredible soundtrack that carries the story.


Abzu has average gameplay with weird controls

The game has got little replay value.


Next, comes the Alienation, one of the free best PS4 games 2017 and available only in Europe. The game is developed by Housemarque. It is a shooter game where you have to fight with the deadly aliens. Beautiful effects with progression systems, varieties of enemy, extraordinary shooting rifles and replay option have also made this game even more beautiful for the gamer. In this game, you have to fight against the elite bosses and their resilient alien troops to make your way towards completion of the Ark Ship missions.


Exciting action games

Offers great cooperative, shooting experience

Extremely integrated with RPG mechanics and loot system


Sudden difficulty spikes

The game can not be paused

Offers no local multiplayer support

Laser Disco defenders:

Laser Disco defenders is another fantastic action based game. This fast-paced, exciting and bullet stick hell shooter game comes with an outstanding background music soundtrack of the 70’s. Developed by Out of Bounds, in this game you will be on a hunt to defeat Monotone, the evil lord. You have to act fast otherwise Monotone will make you dance following his tune. Moreover, every laser bullet shot by you will bounce back to you. So, make sure you are in a safe position before shooting. You can select your character from four available avatars; Mr. Baker, Tommy, Donna and Liz.


A big advantage of the game is its replayability

Soundtrack is marvelous


Could use some more unlockables.

The characters feel a bit monotonous.

Tales From the Borderlands:

Tales From the Borderlands has been developed by Telltale Games for PS4. It is a sequel of the Borderlands 2 and here you have two characters, Rhys and Fiona. It is a two-sided game and every decision taken on behalf of both characters will affect your surroundings. The gameplay will lure the characters in danger and you have to judge which character is telling the truth and why it is so important. With the presence of bandits, gangsters, vault hunters, loot, extortion getaways, betrayal, mayhem and loot, this game is sure to be enjoyed by every gamer.


Strong storyline with lots of thrilling experience every moment

Characters are very much interesting

Plenty of creatures, jokes, hilarious situations and stuff never let you feel bored


Little old fashioned graphics

there is almost no gameplay

Type: Rider:

In this list, the last one is the Type: Rider, a puzzle game. This game is very much famous for its music and art segments. Throughout the game, you can enjoy the artworks which reflect the history behind the fonts. It is a unique game considering the typography and fonts. There are total ten levels in the game and your character will be two punctuation marks.


Offers enjoyable 2D experience

One of the best Puzzle games


Average level design

Occasionally crash prone

Short run time

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