Facts You Did Not Know About Ultra HD Television

In the modern days with the help of the usage of latest technology the world of entertainment is more facilitated and is at its peak. This especially includes the television industry where now different types of LED, LCD televisions are used and for the improvement of the picture quality high definition resolutions are used. Nowadays, with further advancement ultra-high definition resolution is used for better image viewing quality.

What is UHD?

ultra high definition televisionUltra-High Definition or simply UHD is the term used by the CEA for describing a television having a resolution of almost of 3840 x 2160 pixels. While some other manufacturers like Panasonic or Sony call it 4K. It actually possesses the number of pixels double to that of 1080p both vertically and horizontally and thus this type of resolution has precisely four times the resolution mentioned earlier. The standard of Ultra HD is given the approval by the ITU.

Full HD vs Ultra HD

Full HD vs Ultra HDIf we consider about full HD then two categories notably fall under it. They are the HD TV 1080p and the HD Ready 1080p. As it can be seen that full HD uses 1080 pixels for the resolution and it comes with a minimum of 1080 horizontal lines of resolution with an interlaced signal or 1080i. But Ultra High Definition uses 3840 x 2160 pixels and comes with twice the number of total horizontal lines when just compared to 1080p. All these make the resolution of ultra HD almost four times greater than that of 1080p. Therefore, ultra HD provides a better and improved picture quality.

What is 4K resolution?

The Ultra High Definition resolution that uses 4096 x 2160 pixels approximately is also known to be the 4K resolution. In other words, 4K actually uses a picture along with a high resolution that comprises of up to four thousand stripes of resolution placed horizontally. 4K video is based on Digital Cinema Initiative and comes with a high picture clarity that you are likely to come across in the cinemas.

UHD resolution

Ultra HD comes with a pixel resolution of almost 3840 x 2160 pixel count, which is almost double of that of 1080p both vertically and horizontally and thus almost has 4x times the pixel resolution of 1080p. It carries the name of both 4K and UHD due to the different types of manufacturers. The standard of Ultra High Definition is actually approved worldwide with the help of the International Telecommunication Union and has 2 resolutions defined.

Ultra high definition television

ultra HD TVIn this day and age, you can only be satisfied by 4K Ultra High Definition television with its HD picture quality and gives a high image clarity. The UHD television is gaining high popularity with more passing days such that the manufacturers are thinking of developing 4K HD into 8K Ultra HD which will be provided with the resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixel count. Even though that is a far away idea, but the most promising future of Ultra High Definition television is going to come with many more advancements besides an increased resolution there is going to be picture enhancements, high frame rates, broader color palettes and much more.

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