Facebook Plans To Launch Groundbreaking Technology To Enable Users Type Directly From Brain

Recently, Facebook has announced that it is trying to develop two different silent speech software which are going to support two of their silent speech projects. It will gradually allow a person to type using his mind instead of using fingers and to hear with the help of his skin. This announcement was made on Wednesday by Regina Dugan in the Facebook’s annual conference for the developers in Calif. Regina Dugan is also leading this project at Building 8, Facebook’s most secret building and is assigned to develop new hardware towards the advancement of connecting the world, a dream project by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

On the event stage, Regina said that it may sound impossible to type directly using a human brain, but it’s much closer than normal people think. She said that if it becomes possible to use the brain like a computer mouse just to click yes or no, then it will surely change the basic fundamental capability of a human being. Regina also added that currently, a group of sixty engineers and scientists are working in Building 8 to build the software using which a person can type 100 words in a minute by just using his brain, which 5x faster than the normal smartphone texting speed.

Regina mentioned that the use of the speech software is as simple as sharing some of the pictures and images from many by not to decode random thoughts, but by only decoding thoughts which a person already has decided to share with others by forwarding it in his brain’s speech center. She added that the software’s interface will bring flexibility and speed of the voice, but by maintaining texting privacy which is a better option to send a text or a quick mail to someone without bringing a phone out of your pocket.

During her speech on the event stage, Regina Dugan praised his fellow engineers and scientists and that all of them are working at their best level to develop the software which will comprise wearable and non-invasive sensors. These sensors will enable a human brain to create a function with the software. She also added that the engineers are also working on the second project which will allow a person to hear with his skin. For that required hardware which will enable the software to communicate with human skin and to deliver a speech, are currently at a stage of underdevelopment.

In the later part of her speech, Regina Dugan said that it may become possible in the near future when a person will think in Spanish and another standing next to him will understand it in Mandarin. Keeping a future hope, she said that if it becomes possible to improvise such technology or software then it will be going to help a large number of blind and deaf people who face trouble and difficulties at every stage of their life. At the conclusion of her statement, Regina finally mentioned that both the silent speech software will become reality after a few years which can’t be predicted right now.



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