Facebook Admits It Is Secretly Peeping Into Users Messages

Suddenly lots of people have started getting scared regarding Facebook Privacy as the news of Facebook employees collecting user data secretively has become viral on the internet. It is even more distressing as Facebook officially admits that it is logging user’s call, SMS (text) history and Facebook Lite on Android without their consent. Though Facebook says it only gathered call and SMS data as a part of an opt-in feature for Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android so that it helps the users find and stay connected to their network. The social media giant also claims that the data they collected is securely stored and it will never be sold. If people wish they can turn it off the feature in settings option. Thus all previously shared call and text messages shared via Facebook Lite will be deleted.

facebook apology, Mark ZuckerbergFacebook introduced this feature in Messenger back in 2015, and later it was incorporated as an option in Facebook Lite app for Android users.

This issue surfaced as soon as a Facebook user named Lauren Price of Maryland filed a lawsuit in Federal court in San Jose. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday against the social network. She alleged that the company has violated her privacy. The data mining and analytics company Cambridge Analytica unlawfully harvested personal data from as many as 50 million Facebook profiles. She not only sued the social network but also seeking damages for all US Facebook users whose information was collected without their permission.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized with a full-page ad in seven British Newspapers along with three US Newspapers for the breach of trust due to their failure in maintaining users’ Facebook Privacy. Those newspapers include The Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express and Sunday Telegraph, along with American newspapers The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. The ad is an attempt to clarify the situation by repeatedly saying that the company has already stopped third-party apps from “getting so much information,”

We are yet to see whether this lame attempt will save the company from impending catastrophe. As of now, the effect has been severe, with several court cases, governmental inquiries alongwith #DeleteFacebook boycott campaign. In addition to this there is a sharp decline in its share price that has erased almost $50 billion of Facebook’s market cap.

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