Facebook Messenger Day Offers Some Cool Features

Social networking sites are the craze amongst youngsters and this craze doesn’t seem to die out any day. Everyday there are certain innovations that these portals take up that creates hype amongst everyone who uses the medium, irrespective of the age group. One such initiative is facebook messenger day.

Facebook Messenger Day is the newest in social media circle. With this a user can easily access his or her smartphone camera in a swipe to record a video or click a picture. The videos and photos recorded or clicked can then be instantly posted to a user’s account. These photos and videos can also be sent to the contacts you want to on Facebook or even to any specific friend or group of friends. The videos or pictures uploaded will also expire after 24 hours. In addition to this, this feature includes several filters, effects, stickers and art objects. Also noticeable is the advantage that text can be incorporated within the images.

Out on a testing spree in Poland since the last few months, it is due to hit the social media and take it by a storm soon. Stan Chudnovksy, head of product for Facebook Messenger, vouches that the feature is not at all complicated and using it would be effortless. This feature would be exciting to use for all the users who haven’t tried anything like this out of Facebook.

Facebook messenger day- How To Use:

Facebook Messenger Day (Snapchat Clone) is a simple tool, doesn’t require any hassles to do the needful. All that a user first needs to do is add all the photos or videos taken everyday to Messenger Day. This is not a difficult task and users can comfortably click a picture or record a video of whatever they are doing at a particular moment. It can range from celebrating a birthday to recording the first step taken by your baby or even the graduation day of your ward or even a college fest or picnic.

The steps to do so are simple:

First, capture the desired picture or record the desired video from your smartphone camera and add it to messenger day. This will make up your post that you want to upload. After completing this task, choose any smiley face icon from all the ones available that suits your post perfectly well. These icons are placed on the top-right corner of the screen. Adding these smileys, icons and stickers accentuate the fun factor of your post and being one of its kind, chronicle your post as different. Splurge in a whole new exciting world to choose from one. Selecting this icon helps to add doodles, effects, and stickers to what you had captured and are now posting for all to see.

Once you are complete with putting in all the effects and doing up your picture or video, click on the arrow that points to the right and post it.

Not happy with your work and you want to delete it after you have posted it? Then click on the post, trailed by three dots at the extreme foot right-hand corner and  click on Delete.


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