6 Best Things About Google Assistant On Android Smartphones

Smartphones these days are a major platform of the artificial intelligence applications. We can see them in miniature scale like predicting options what a user is typing as well as correcting typo errors in spelling; machine intelligence exists all over it. Applications like Siri act as personal assistants, while GPS and Maps applications that give users the best or the shortest routes to take and also show the traffic and time estimates to reach there, use artificial intelligence. Applications on phones or computers that predict user actions and also make recommendations that suit user choice are applications of AI. Thus, we see that artificial intelligence has made daily life a lot easier.

We all know Google recently rolled out Google Assistant, a smart virtual assistant on all Android compatible smartphones across United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Previously it was available on Google’s own Pixel smartphone, its messaging app Google Allo, and Google Home. From now on it will be available to smartphones operated by Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Since a majority of smartphone users are still not familiar with this complex conversational artificial intelligence, here are some reasons mentioned below that will make users prefer Google Assistant on Android smartphone over Google Now:

1) Smart reply options to cut short typing time:

google assistant smart replyIf you are in a conversation with your friends or talking to Google Assistant, Google will suggest default responses based on the possibilities one could respond in reference to a particular context. Thus typing long messages becomes much faster saving your time. More you use the feature more improved it gets over time.

2) You can talk to Google Assistant even without data connection:

We have seen that when there is no data connection; upon trying Google search on smartphone only a nonstop spinning animation comes up following “Can’t reach Google at the moment” message. This can be really frustrating sometimes. But Google assistant gives us freedom from this issue.  Though it won’t magically ensure you get data connection every time, but with the help of this app you can certainly handle various activities much better than previous Google Now. While you chat to Google Assistant, just go on speaking whatever you are needed to say. It will store the message offline if there is no net connection. Whenever the internet connection is back it will give you the ready answer which was processed in the background while it was offline.

3) Get easy subscription to anything you like using Google Assistant on Android Smartphone:

google assistant subscriptionsGoogle Assistant’s one of the most interesting feature is Subscriptions. You can ask your Google Assistant to perform some recurring actions everyday at some specified time. For example you can ask the Assistant to send you news related to your specified topic every day morning or send you some random jokes daily. Here are some most popular subscription options include Weather report, News, Poem, Random fact, Jokes etc. You just need to say, “Help me with subscriptions”.  Google Assistant will send you reminders about anything when you want. You can even change or remove an existing subscription.

4) Image Recognition:

google assistant image recognitionThe image recognition feature of Google Now can be seen in Google Assistant as well. Assistant will help you to do reverse image search and it can recognize all sorts of colors, person or objects within images.

Google Assistant lets you capture a photo within the chat interface. Otherwise you can select an existing photo and send to the chat. If you have something to recognize immediately, then take a photo of the object and send to Google Assistant chat. It will immediately answer your query.

5) Play games with Google Assistant

google assistant gamesGoogle Assistant will not only assist you in your daily serious chores, it also provides you with many interesting mobile games to eliminate your boredom. Just say “Play a Game” and you will be immediately given multiple categories to choose from. You will get varieties of classic games, chat games, Google doodle mini games and quiz games. Just choose your preferred game and enjoy your pastime.

6) Some Other Features:

Google Assistant is exceptionally precise with directions. It can immediately pull out your personal records for packages, flights, ticket bookings, as well as other useful info. It can also communicate with few third-party apps for carrying out certain tasks, like notes, texting, and entertainment. You can also command Google Assistant “I need an Uber” and it will instantly connect you to the Uber chatbot where you need to give all necessary details. Thus Google Assistant will serve you as your very own assistant for 24 hours.

What do you think about Google assistant? Have you tried this application on your smartphone yet? Let us know about your opinion regarding this.

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