What Are The Best Free Video Editing Software?

One of the marvels of modern day technology is the use of video editing software in the creation of big blockbusters that churn out millions. Gone are the days of the tedious search for resplendent locations by filmmakers; they can now create locations according to their needs and perspective and all this is made possible through video editing software. Well, you too can experience and use the same technology for various purposes that you might have thought of and to aid you in that we bring to you the best free video editing software available.



ivsEdits, best free video editing software The first such free video editor that this guide states is ivsEdits. An advantage that this free video editor holds over others is the high-end accuracy in the product that it achieves at the minimum time. Resolution independent, all kinds of videos and pictures are supported by this software and can be worked upon. The Timeline of the software allows adding as many clips as one wants from four sources at a time. The USP is in the Realtime video transitions and effects which offer the scope of color grading too. The import of files to/from other sources is also done in a jiffy. This software holds several other advantages too like AV I/O supporting third party devices and built-in print to upload files. Easy to use, get this software today.

Open Shot

Open Shot video editor, free video editing toolAnother name in this field is the Open Shot video editor. A pro in business, it supports cross-platform functions as well as various video, audio and image formats.  Regular editing functions like scaling, cutting, trimming, slip resizing and rotation become exciting and lend the image a new look and the several 3D animated effects add beauty to the final product. Speed changes and time mapping too can be done via this. A practical tool that serves the purpose of extensive editing, it has the popular Ken Burns effect too that lends an artistic panning over an image.


Lightworks video editor, free video editing softwareA popular video editor is Lightworks that works on all kinds of operating systems. Importing, exporting or rendering is done at lightning speed and users even have the option to directly upload their movie on YouTube. It also assists multi cam editing which saves a lot of time that goes into single unit editing. The editing effects of Lightworks is the one that has inbuilt presets which helps a user decide on what suits his requirement best. VFX with Boris FX is the highlight that leads this software score over the others.


KDENlive video editor, free video editorStarted in 2003, KDENlive allows users the convenience to work on several audio and video files at a time with special lock facility when any file is not in use. A good news KDENlive uses audio and video files of all formats, without the need to convert. Proxy editing and automatic backup are the USPs of this. Keyframe interpolation is an added feature in this magic software.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video EditorThe next software is replete with features that are required by professional video editors. Making a video look truly pro, VSDC Free Video Editor supports all formats of audio and video files and has the multi colour Chroma key as well as several convertible settings. Heavy HD videos can be created in the minimum time possible with the help of the array of settings.

So, get yourself a video editor free and create a virtual world that you want to see. Who knows you might just need to work up your imagination and one day see for yourself a magic.


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