Stop Battery Draining Problem With 6 Best Free Power Saver App For Android

Though smartphones are getting more and more capable every day, but majority of Android users get frustrated regarding battery draining issues. Smartphones are used to listen to music, watch movies and videos, surfing web, browsing social media as well as playing games. Besides that it is used to communicate through personal and work emails , video conferencing and making phone calls. With so many multifaceted functionalities, unfortunately the battery life hasn’t kept up well. Hence users often end up deleting some of the useful apps to save the battery life.

But luckily there are some best free power saver app for android available these days that can help a user to extend the battery life of Android phones. Though only few have been reported containing malware in disguise of battery saver app, here are some genuine and efficient apps mentioned below that actually do wonderful job with saving battery.

Best free power saver app for Android

DU Battery Saver :

It is a FREE battery saving app. The Saver tab will enable you to fine tune how exactly the app optimizes battery performance. Users can set up modes, and turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off.

Download DU Battery Saver .

Dr. Battery – Fast Charger:

This app offers multiple benefits like Fast charging, phone cooling, and battery saving and lot more. You can check your battery status and remaining time before it goes out of charge. You can enjoy extended battery life without having to replace it.

Download Dr. Battery – Fast Charger

AC Battery Saver – Power Saver

AC Battery Saver – Power Saver is a FREE battery saving app for android. The app offers special one-tap optimization feature that helps to stop power-consuming apps in just a single tap. AC Battery Saver has fast charging feature to ensure users get the most out of their phone battery. Besides that it also cleans junk files to enable improved performance.

Download AC Battery Saver.

NQ Green Battery – Power Saver

NQ Green Battery – Power Saver is another popular battery saving app.  As per users feedback this app saves atleast 30% power of a smartphone giving you extra battery life. It also helps to protect the battery by giving healthy charging environment.

Download NQ Green Battery.

Battery-Saver-2017 NEW

It is a newly launched battery saver app with increasing number of satisfied customers. It helps to monitor the battery accurately as well as detects any problems. The app uses automatic power saving mode when idle to increase its battery life.

Download Battery-Saver-2017 NEW.

Super Battery – Battery Doctor

Super Battery-Battery Doctor is another best free power saver app for android. It helps to customize power saver mode. Users can enjoy faster charging to save time. It also cleans junk files to boost phone performance. This battery saver offers quick access to device settings including data, Wi-Fi, screen brightness, GPS and more. It also enables to adjust toggles to increase battery life. This app doesn’t load with advertisements. So users enjoy unhindered and smooth app experience.

Download Super Battery – Battery Doctor.



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