Best Free Android Games Available On Google Play

With the emergence of free android games in the last few years, the concept of mobile gaming has taken the market by storm. There are hundreds of games for android but you need to have patience to chalk out the best ones from the lot.

We always believe that having fun does not always require funding, so what we have here are the best android games free across a number of genres to help you find just the sort of thing you are after.

1. ASPHALT8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne, free gameIf you are into racing games then GAMELOFT has something which will make you feel that it was just meant for you.

It is a game which takes on a journey with loads of cars to unlock on loads of tracks to race on where you can do crazy stunts on mid air. Its main speciality is its online multiplayer levels which help you challenge friends, strangers which make the fun quotient double. The game controls are very smooth too, with decent graphics.

2. Call of Champions:

2Are you into the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre? Or you are new to this genre?

Space time studios have made something perfect for you.

Call of Champions is a 3v3 MOBA featuring 16 champions and five character classes. The rounds are short five minute bouts, and there is no item store, which helps to accelerate players directly into the gameplay.

13. Clash of Clans:

This android game does not need an introduction. From incendiary wizards to Barbarians with rage, Clash of Clans is a multiplayer strategy war game with an in game-currency of gems which you can spend to train various characters. The biggest advantage of this game is that it has a lot of active players so it won’t take long for you to get in the game.

14. Cut the rope: Magic

In this game you need to help Om Nom to eat candy. What makes this game interesting is its physics puzzle gameplay for players of all ages which will challenge your candy crunching and rope cutting skills.

15. Fallout Shelter

Fallout shelter is a Construction and management simulation video game, where you need to construct a shelter and take in survivors and save them from raids and fires by bad guys.

The in app purchases are only done if you want them.

6. Hearthstone:Heroes of Warcraft

CaptureHearthstone is a collectible card strategy game where you need to unlock cards, make decks and duel with other players in real player versus player combat.

7. Modern Combat5:

CaptureModern Combat5 is a multiplayer first person shooter game with brilliant graphics and a lot of content has been created for the users to play for.

8. Quiz Up:

CaptureAre you a quizzer? Plain Vanilla games bring to you Quiz Up. An online free to play Quiz game with an anonymous opponent or a friend on tons of categories.

9. Pocket Mortys:

A parody gameplay of the popular Pokemon series, Pocket Mortys takes you on a quirky journey where you play as Rick and you need to collect and train Mortys to unfold the entire story.Capture



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